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Are you looking to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself for life? Wanting a sustainable approach to health put together by a professional nutritionist, instead of another fad program? You’ve arrived at the right place. Choose the course that fits you best below.

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“Each tiny habit is like an atom. It will only result in a very small change. But each atom is part of a larger system… and each atomic habit will contribute to a massive changë.” (James Clear, author of Atomic Habits)

I’ve been a Nutritionist for over 8 years now and I’ve helped many different people with very different goals. No matter the person and no matter the goal…there are still a number of foundational habits that must be established first and foremost as a cornerstone of good health.

This course is all about cementing those foundational habits in a way that ensures they will ‘stick’ for a lifetime. It does not matter what your primary concern is – be it weight loss, digestion, gut health, skin, energy, overall wellbeing, etc…. this is a great course to start with to build a base of health and longevity. And guess what happens when we build strong, healthy habits? There’s less room for the less healthy ones too! Whether you are completely new to healthy eating OR you’ve done lots of different programs over the years, this course is equally important and effective for everyone. Even I REVISIT this course from time to time” (Katie King – The Balanced Nutritionist). 

This course specifically covers:

  • WHY do you want to change your habits?
  • How do we make changes permanent HABITS?
  • Getting hydrated.
  • Ditching Unhealthy Snacks
  • Optimizing your zzz’s
  • Eat Your Greens!
  • Increasing Incidental exercise
  • Supplements and medications
  • Including / Increasing Deliberate exercise
  • Food Planning

This course was inspired by James Clear and his book ‘Atomic Habits.’ How fast you move through it will be completely dependent on you. The course is written in such a way that you remain in 1 lesson until you have established solid systems that enable the habit to stick. The course comes with an accompanying workbook. The minimum time to spend doing this course would be 12 weeks…. it may take you up to a year to work through it. In some ways, the slower the better. We want to create lifelong healthy practices. This is NOT a quick fix program that will have you back where you began in 8 weeks’ time. 

‘It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.’ Confucius

So…. what are you waiting for? For $59 you can start on a path towards the healthiest, happiest version of you today. 

“There’s a critical threshold for habits…. Sometimes we change a few habits… and see no difference….But creating habits is a compound process… just like compound interest. Habits need to hang around long enough and consistently enough for a big change to result.” (James Clear) 

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Note: We do recommend you start with the Habits for Health course and then build up to Back 2 Basics afterwards.

Welcome to Back 2 Basics! Back 2 Basics is a no-nonsense course, that will teach you how to eat healthily, but still have some balance in your life. It is about lifestyle change NOT fad dieting. It will cut through the confusion and teach you how to nourish your own body optimally. You will become ‘unparalysed’ when it comes to food! Back 2 Basics is NOT about spoon-feeding you (excuse the pun)! This is not a meal-plan-based program that requires you to count and record everything that passes your lips! It is not a ‘quick-fix’ program full of empty promises. 

Back 2 Basics is just that… It’s about getting back to the basics of real food. It’s about making long-lasting changes to the way you eat. It gives you the tools you need to create real health, for good!