These books are for you if:

  • you’re planning on falling pregnant soon….
  • you are currently pregnant…
  • You are a new Mum…
  • You will soon be starting to wean your baby 

collectively these guides cover the entire journey from preconception right through to weaning

  • You’re confused about what you can and can’t eat (Google ain’t helpful… returning 1000 different answers to the same question). 
  • you want to seek the help of a Nutritionist, but there are soooo many other appointments already….

you ultimately want solid advice to keep you and baby in the best health possible throughout this journey

If this is you, you are in the right place!

You just want to know for sure whether you can drink your morning coffee.

And how about those pregnancy vitamins… do you need them? Which brand? Should you be taking fish oil too? On that note… can you eat fish?

What happens postpartum…. does your diet need to change? How do you eat to support healthy breastmilk production?

How on Earth do you get started on the weaning journey?

I created these resources for Mums-to-be and new Mums just like you…. When I was on the journey myself

A little About Me….

Hi! I’m Katie King aka the Balanced Nutritionist. I’ve been a practicing Nutritionist since 2013. I was pregnant in 2019/2020 with my first baby and even for me, the nutrition advice was confusing. So I did quite a bit of my own research and put it all together for you in these guides. Eliza was born a healthy 3.6kg in August 2020 and we’ve had no issues with breastfeeding, her growth or weaning to solids in her first year. These guides contain the facts, as well as some anecdotes as well as some ‘non nutrition but still health related’ stuff that is vital for you to consider at this time. I hope these guides are helpful!

P.S. I did succumb to ice cream on the couch and Netflix during my pregnancy from time to time too… I promise you… these guides will NOT make you feel ‘less than’ guilty or stressed! 

What these Guides are and aren’t….

These guides are NOT meal plans. I don’t believe in meal plans as they do not allow you to listen to your own appetite nor do they teach you how to eat long term.

These guides will take you through what your body and baby may need at different stages of your journey. 

These guides will provide some simple recipes/meal ideas for you to try.

These guides will point you to other solid, trustworthy resources that may assist with further nutrition / health related questions (after all, these are eBooks not novels… I can’t answer everything in under 50 pages). 

When you buy you will get….

Well, there are 5 eBooks. You may buy them individually for $7.99 each. Purchase 1 or 3 that way… if you plan to purchase 4 you may as well purchase the bundle as the 5th book is virtually free ($35 for the bundle of 5… that’s just $3 for the final book).

Please note: There is a lot of nutrition advice in the first eBook ‘preconception and trimester 1’ and subsequent books build on this. So please purchase this one even if you are in trimester 2, 3 or 4…. If this is confusing please allow me to give you an example….

-If you’re in trimester 4 (postpartum) please purchase the trimester 4 eBook and the ‘preconception and trimester 1’ eBook (or the bundle as you get them all anyway!).

Make sense? Any issues, drop us an email!